How do I quote?

Always specify the source
If you quote from a text or use images from in your paper or article, you must always mention that the material is taken from

You note the reference by writing down the title of the article, in italics with the link in parenthesis and the date of your visit to the website.

"Myths and Misunderstandings", (, read 01-06-2010).

Why do I need to quote?

It applies to all sources you find and use from the Internet as well articles found in for examples books, newspapers or magazines that you must note the source. The reason for this is that the material is protected by the copyright law and you must document your information and thereby acknowledge where you found your information. This is also a way to increase your credibility to your teacher or your readers. There is a lot of anonymous information available on the Internet. Always be careful with those and notice who the real sender actually is.