At the top of the page you will find eight categories, which you can click into. – Furthest to the left you find the Introduction. Here you will find a short introduction to

In the Debate section you will find articles about the historical debate surrounding the evolutionary theory, the relationship between science and religion and several other debates which followed in the wake of Darwin and his evolutionism.

The articles in Myths relates to and explores some of the misunderstandings surrounding Darwin and the evolutionary theory. Did you believe that Darwin said that Man descents from the apes? Well, it is not that simple…

Translations gives you access to the Danish translations of Darwin’s works as well as thorough introductions to the works.

In Responses you can learn how Darwin and his theory were received in Denmark in the years between 1859 and 1920.

In the Education section you can find material addressed to primary school, high school and teachers respectively. There is also inspiration for paper subjects and projects as well as a guide to further readings.

In the Research section you can read about the researchers and the network behind

And last but not least there is a link to the side project of The Darwin Archives, which is a large website imparting knowledge about the evolutionary theory through lots of articles and food for further thought.