Assignments about Darwinism in Denmark

1) Who received the first copy of On the Origin of Species in Denmark?
2) What was the name of the first Danish translation of Darwin?
3) Who translated On the Origin of Species and Descent of Man into Danish? What was the translator’s background?

1) What was the reason for the translation of Darwin’s major works into Danish?
2) What did the critics think of the translations?
3) What status did Charles Darwin and his evolutionary theory have at the centennial celebration of his birth in 1909?

1) How was Darwin’s theory received among scientists in Denmark? Did the reception change over time?
2) How did Christian theologians react to Darwinism? Were all Christians against the evolutionary theory?
3) How did the literary critic Georg Brandes react to Darwin’s evolutionary theory?
4) How was Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection illustrated in popular magazines and how was it seen by the public?
5) How did poets and authors use Darwin’s theories and works?
6) How did the reception of Darwinism in Denmark differ from other countries?