Alfred Jørgensen (1848-1925)

Plant physiologist, expert on beer fermentation, studied botany in the 1870s.

In 1876 Alfred Jørgensen and his fellow student of natural history Emil Christian Hansen translated Charles Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle into Danish. The translation was entitled Rejse om Jorden [Voyage around the World] (Copenhagen: Salmonsen, 1876), and it was based on the English 1860 edition A Naturalist’s Voyage. In 1881 Jørgensen became director of his own private laboratory and commercialised Hansen’s new methods on cultivating ferment for beer production. While translating Voyage of the Beagle Jørgensen worked as an assistant for the botanist Eugen Warming and wrote several articles on the anatomy of plant roots.

Hans Henrik Hjermitslev

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