A Myriad of Darwin Myths

Darwin and the theory of evolution is surrounded by misunderstandings – in books, magazines, textbooks, radio, TV and especially the internet. You better look closely. Here is a list of some of the most common Darwin- and evolutionary myths. Several of them are described in greater detail on these pages. There are many more, and new ones appear all the time. If, however, you are faced with a statement that looks like one of those below, you can be pretty sure, you are looking at a myth and should therefore be critical of the source.

1. Darwin’s theory is about the origin of life.

2. Darwin said that Man descended directly from existing apes

3. Darwin discovered evolution on the Galapagos Islands

4. Darwin discovered evolution by studying finch beaks

5. Darwin was an atheist fighting religion

6. Darwin’s idea of natural selection means survival of the fittest

7. Darwin converted to Christianity on his deathbed

8. Darwin was a thief who stole his ideas from others

9. Darwin doubted the accuracy of his own theory

10. Darwin was socially isolated and completely cut off from the outside world

11. Darwin was a lonely genius who made everything up himself

12. Darwin was a coward afraid to publish his own theory

13. Darwin lost his faith in a dramatic clash with God, when his daughter Annie died

14. Darwin’s theory is based on his hate of slavery

15. Darwin’s theory is not science, but a political and moral theory 

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