What do I do?

How do I navigate?
You navigate the site by clicking on the menus on top of the page. When you scroll over the top bar, the sections light up, and you can click on one of them. Each side consists of a main text field and a navigation bar on the left, containing different layers and additional details.

What can I use these pages for?
You can learn about Darwin’s life and scientific work. You can read Danish translations of his works, study Danish reactions to Darwinism and learn more about the reception of his theory in Denmark in the years between 1859-1920.

But it's really difficult!
Before you venture into answering the questions you find on this site, take a moment to look around a bit on the various pages. For example, take a moment to look at the myths. Here you find some of the things, people think they know about Darwin and evolution, but which quite often are wrong. Try asking your parents or your teacher about some of the various myths and see what they believe is right and wrong. Do you think, they know all the right answers?

It might be a little difficult to remember and understand everything at once, and you don’t have to. You’ll learn, and fortunately for you - it’s all very exciting!