Current debate: evolution and religion

To many, the relationship between evolution and religion represents the classic and most important debate when it comes to how the public relate to Darwin and evolution.

It is correct that this debate has had a predominant role in the overall discussion of science and religion during the last 150 years. It is also correct that a lot of public opinion has been influenced by this debate. However, when we look at the debate more closely, we will experience a highly nuanced image. For instance, we cannot talk about a one-sided conflict between evolution and creation, between science and religion. There was and for some there still is. But for others, there was no conflict.

Therefore, when looking at the relationship between science and religion more closely, we always have to see it in the context in which it is discussed. We always have to consider the period in question, the people involved in the discussions, where the discussion takes place, as well as any other relevant elements regarding discussions. Very often, other things such as political, social, cultural, financial, and moral power is the main topics and evolution is merely used as an excuse to debate these topics.

Here, you can read a number of debate entries that discuss the relationship between evolution and religion and how we should handle this topic.

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